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Wedding Planner Training Are you passionate about the profession of wedding planner?
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Wedding Planner training : An exciting profession and a constantly growing market provide you promising future while making your dream come true. Our training will give you all tools and methods which you need. At the origin of this training, the know-how and expertise of Laura Z Organisation.An agency that has been in existence for 15 years now, with more than 350 prestigious events to its credit and a reputation established in the world of luxury.

You dream of organizing the happiest day of their lives for them

We are a training organization declared to the Prefecture under the following number: 11 75 4698475.

To follow our training, you have access to several financings

Job seekers: we have obtained the certificate of conformity from the Pôle-Emploi quality decree and are therefore listed in the official catalog of training courses validated by Pole Emploi

We have the QUALIOPI certification which is the quality certification mark for training providers.

With this certification you are guaranteed to receive training recognized by the State and you can therefore benefit from numerous funding from state organizations.

  • The General Council
  • The local mission of your region
  • The Regional Council
  • Pro transitions (formerly Fongécif)
  • Your employer
  • The OPCO to which you are attached
  • We are also eligible for the personal training account. If you have a Personal Training Account (CPF), you can use it to pay for our training. Do not hesitate to consult the site to know your rights.
  • If you are already a business owner, self-entrepreneur, or want to become a self-entrepreneur contact the organization with which you contribute for professional training. Example: AGEFICE, FIF PL ...

You want to be funded but you do not know how to go about it, you do not know your training rights, you are wondering whether our Wedding Planner training can be funded, we help you in your efforts. You can contact us at 06 72 32 76 72, we will be happy to assist you.

If you wish to register for one of our Wedding Planner 2021 training sessions by mobilizing your DIF hours + your CPF do not hesitate to come back to us very quickly at 06 72 32 76 72 so that we can support you in these steps before 30th of June 2021.

Session dates

Lundi 27 Septembre 2021 au Vendredi 01 Octobre 2021, 1 seule place disponible

Lundi 10 Janvier 2022 au Vendredi 14 Janvier 2022

Places go very quickly, don't hesitate to contact us!

In view of the current health situation due to Covid-19, wearing a mask is mandatory in the training room and hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal.


1900 € tax incl.

We offer intensive training over 1 week

Wedding Planner Training Pack

1 week of Wedding Planner training course with programComment créer son entreprise, la découverte et l’analyse du métier de Wedding Planner, introduction au métier de Wedding Designer, des cours théoriques, des ateliers pratiques, des rencontres avec des professionnels, plusieurs mises en situation et évaluations ..

1 day of assistantship on a wedding : You will be fully integrated into the Laura Z Organization team during the organization of one of our luxury weddings depending on your availability and ours. You will be present as soon as the first service providers arrive to assist with installation and coordination, religious or secular ceremony if applicable, and will welcome guests to leave before dinner begins. A great experience!

1 Guide "Creating and managing your business" developed by us, with the websites of the main organizations that can help business creators, complete and detailed technical sheets of the various systems for creating and managing their business. 

1 300-page Road Book including the standard questionnaire sent to our future brides and grooms, examples of provisional event budgets, examples of back-planning and service provider quotes, examples of table plans, examples of technical planning for D-Day, with also examples of contracts signed with different wedding providers: rental of tents, caterers, decorators and flower designers…

1 diploma delivered by Laura Z Organization and recognized by many professionals in the sector and your future clients

1 proof of certification that you can use on your communication and put on your website

We only do 4 trainings a year during the low season for weddings, because having many weddings is the guarantee for you of real expertise from the trainers Laura Z Organization. Places are therefore limited and our training is quickly full, so you have to be quick. Do not hesitate to come back to us quickly so that we can send you your registration file or your quote to guarantee your place.

What has become of our students?

We cannot list here all those who followed our Wedding Planner training (at present more than 150 students for 8 years) but we would like to thank them collectively for their listening, their enthusiasm and their desire to learn and to succeed
in this exciting profession. Some successful examples of our 2019 training sessions that we wanted to put
in the spotlight. This list is regularly updated to highlight the most people.

Sophie created his company "Les Mariages de Sophie" and participated in the Paris wedding fair in 2020 which allowed him to meet many future brides and grooms and sign his first clients!
Facebook page:

Eric, working as a high-end caterer at the Moulin des Quatre Saisons, has developed his activity by adding a wedding planning component to his initial know-how and can now take charge of the entire event.
Facebook page:

Salima, female entrepreneur for 8 years and strong from her experience in the real estate world to decide to fulfill her vocation: the organization of events. She previously exercised this passion within the framework of her private sphere and now she devotes herself to it full time thanks to the opening of her agency "Sacha.B Events"
Facebook page:

Siham finally embarked on the wedding planner adventure at the end of our training by opening her agency "Si Events". After years of wanting to get started as a wedding planner, our training has given her all the keys and tools necessary for her to realize her dream and that of her future clients.

Viriginie et Leila ont créé leur entreprise d’organisation de mariages dans la région des châteaux de la Loire. Après avoir trouvé le nom de leur société, elles ont décidé de nous rejoindre lors d’une session de formation afin d’apprendre le métier de Wedding Planner de A à Z et bénéficier de conseils personnalisés.

Emilie young woman full of ambition, she had already started to create her business. She wanted to professionalize and therefore followed our training. Now she has all the keys in hand and tools, our precious road book, to develop her activity as a wedding planner.
Facebook page:

Salima débutait tout juste son activité en tant que wedding planner lorsqu’elle a décidé de se former en rejoignant l’une de nos sessions de formation. Forte de cette expérience, et grâce aux divers exercices pratiques elle se sent plus en confiance pour rencontrer ses premiers clients !

Adeline a décidé, après 10 ans dans l’immobilier, de suivre son rêve en devant Wedding Planner. Elle choisit de participer à notre formation avant de se lancer dans cette nouvelle activité, pour avoir connaissance de toutes les formalités juridiques sur la création de sa future entreprise et pouvoir débuter son activité de manière professionnelle. 

site internet :

Training Program

1. From project to business creation 

  • Présentation de l’agence Laura Z Organisation (création, développement, rentabilité …) 
  • Programme de la formation créer son agence d’organisation de mariages, devenir Wedding Planner
  • Définir de façon claire et précise son projet de création et/ou reprise d’entreprise : les caractéristiques, les contraintes et les risques
  • Les compétences nécessaires au chef ou repreneur d’entreprise

2. The stages related to business creation: 

  • Connaitre son marché pour clarifier son projet : définir son offre et son positionnement (mix marketing) 
  • Business creation: the choice of your structure 
  • Les différentes formes juridiques (avantages et limites)
  • Les formalités administratives et juridiques pour la création de votre entreprise 
  • The Business Plan

3. Business management 

  • La gestion financière, fiscale, sociale, les documents financiers : plan de financement, bilan, compte de résultats. 
  • Le démarrage de l’entreprise : préparer un rétro-planning de lancement. 
  • Comment réserver sa marque et réserver son nom de domaine : les formalités administratives

4. Description of the job

  • Its history, its origins
  • The role of the organizer and its missions
  • The key skills of a Wedding Planner

5. Market analysis

  • Etude de son environnement : les chiffres clés du mariage et du pacs en France
  • Etude de la clientèle : profils et sociostyles
  • Etude de la concurrence : es entreprises de Wedding Planner et event planner
  • Apprendre les différents modes de rémunération d’une entreprise de Wedding Planner, la facturation 

6. Développer son offre commerciale : le Wedding Design

  • Description of the profession of Wedding Designer
  • The role of the Wedding Designer and the organization of his missions
  • The key skills of a Wedding Designe
  • Développer et optimiser ses outils commerciaux : moodboard, planche tendance, plan en 3D

7. Se faire connaitre et développer sa clientèle : savoir communiquer sur son entreprise

  • Apprendre à élaborer une stratégie marketing et communication
  • L’identité graphique d’une agence : définir sa stratégie, son positionnement, ses valeurs
  • Construire et développer sa présence sur Internet (outil indispensable)
  • Build your website 
  • Référencement naturel et payant
  • Développement de sa clientèle : savoir cibler ses actions commerciales
  • Press relations, wedding fairs…
  • Partnerships (blogs, TV, service providers, etc.)
  • Recommendations ("word of mouth", opinion, etc.)

8. Commercial management

  • Les qualités humaines indispensables d’un Wedding Planner
  • Stratégie commerciale (élaboration d’un argumentaire) : l’importance du premier contact téléphonique
  • The first meeting at the agency
  • Introduction to the use of commercial tools
  • Build a business proposal, develop a quote, write a contract

9. Développer son offre commerciale : la cérémonie laïque

  • Présentation de la prestation de la cérémonie laïque
  • Build a custom ceremony
  • The different rituals and their meanings

10. Organization of the reception

  • Mobiliser, développer son réseau et perfectionner ses outils : la recherche de lieux, la présentation au client
  • Organizing visits, choosing and signing the contract
  • Mobiliser et développer son réseau d’intervenants : la recherche et la sélection des prestataires
  • The request for a quote, the organization of presentation meetings
  • The essential technical visit on site
  • Monitoring the file with clients

11. Preparation of the D-Day management

  • The drafting of the technical process
  • The last meeting with customers
  • The list of guests, tables ...
  • The contents of the client file on D-Day
  • Managing stress and the unexpected

12. The evaluations and meetings during the training

  • Rencontres avec des prestataires professionnels (aspect créatif et financier, développement de son réseau de partenaires) : photographe, vidéoman, coiffeur/maquilleur, agent d’artistes, orchestre, DJ, décorateur floral, concepteur de feux d’artifices, ceremonial officiant, caterer ...
  • Visite d’un lieu de prestige et rencontre avec le directeur commercial (aspect créatif et financier, développement de son réseau de partenaires) 
  • Pitch commercial : simulation de rendez-vous client 2 par 2
  • Elaboration d’outils commerciaux : présentation client, budget prévisionnel, planche tendance (mood board) 
  • Organisation d’un mariage avec support informatique et présentation à élaborer (mise en pratique en s’appuyant sur des outils commerciaux) 


  Practical training and simulation

  Presence on a wedding organized by Laura Z Organization

  • Practice of real-life event training
  • Discovery of a high-end and luxury reception
  • Mission of assistant general on a wedding day

It's time to get started, the Laura Z Organization Wedding Planner training course is for you!
Do not hesitate to write to us or call us at 06 72 32 76 72

Do not hesitate to come back to us quickly so that we can send you your registration contract or your quote if you wish to apply for financing. We can then guarantee you your place on the session you want to integrate, knowing that we take only 18 people per training session for the sake of efficiency and seriousness, in order to be able to answer all your questions.