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Laura Z Organisation

The story of Laura Z Organization


Executive Director

« After studying law and business, I spent 15 years in leadership positions in communications and events for 2 major international groups. Then I wanted to put my expertise and know-how at the service of individuals to make their weddings and private receptions prestigious and unique events. »


Birth of Laura Z

The adventure can begin, a team at your service, to realize your dreams even the craziest come true


First Birth

The first baby Laura Z, a great emotion.


The 100th wedding

Reinforced expertise, always with the same love of refinement. On the attention to detail scale, we push the cursor a little further each time.


Training school

Creation of our training school for future Wedding Planners

Laura Z Organization celebrates 15 years

We have organized more than 300 events: weddings, engagements, birthdays, births and prestigious evenings for companies or embassies.