The questions you ask yourself

The questions you ask yourself

At Laura Z the first appointment is always free. It seems essential to us to get to know you but above all of that, that you can get a precise idea of our expertise, our creativity, our sense of service before signing any contract

It is very important to think about your wedding budget before embarking on the preparations. At Laura Z Organisation we are here to help you in this difficult exercice so as to start on a clear basis, without last minute surprise. During our first appointment, always free of charge, we listen carefully to build with you the budget of your wedding. This budget will then be appended to our contract, and we promise not to exceed it. You begin the organization of your wedding reassured.

For 14 years Laura Z Organisation has been organizing ceremonies for all religions, cultures and nationalities. But also of course secular ceremonies of engagement.

Throughout the duration of the wedding, your traditions, your customs are honored, always in refinement and elegance. French gastronomic caterer, halal caterer, kosher caterer, african caterer, indian caterer ...

For the organization of mixed weddings, there too Laura Z Organization will know how to stage for you the different cultures so that each guest is fulfilled.

Even if this concept is recent, it is likely to find a theme for your wedding. Whatever your choice is, it allows you to create a common thread to your event: location, announcement, decoration, meals, animation etc.

Laura Z Organisation will be there to help you to tell a story through your wedding theme, your story. But there is no obligation! If no common idea suits you, you can also opt for a classic marriage in your image. There too we will be by your side to offer you ideas, and services that will make your wedding unique and memorable.

The wedding remains associated with the summer period. June, July and August are the favorite months of lovers. Nevertheless, why not opt for spring and the rebirth of nature or autumn and its flamboyant colors or winter and its white and immaculate landscapes?

Each season has advantages and disadvantages but do not stay stuck on a habit that can be completely upset! Laura Z Organisation will be by your side to organize whatever the season a chic and elegant wedding that suits you.

However you should know that from October to March, we can get married without ruining yourself. Most of the suppliers (caterer, reception venues, animations, wedding dresses ...) offer much more competitive rates and are more open to negotiations.

For the ladies, it’s time to highlight your beautiful toilet, for the gentlemen… to highlight the elegance of your wife! If the tradition is well established, the opening of the ball has evolved a lot and is no longer limited to the waltz.

  • The traditional opening

A sumptuous dress ready to twirl to the sound of the «Beau Danube bleu». To keep the authenticity of this tradition the waltz remains unavoidable. If you do not feel ready, do not hesitate to take a few hours of lessons with a professional, at Laura Z Organisation we know the best teachers. The goal is to dance 2 or 3 minutes with your husband or wife and then to invite parents and guests. To bring a touch of modernity, you can opt for a contemporary waltz: «la valse de Vienne» by Feldman, the soundtrack of the movie «Amélie Poulain».

  • The slow opening

An ideal solution for bad dancers to bend to the rule without too much effort. Slow requires no particular ability. Everyone can dance a slow without training! For the choice of the song you are totally free (as long as it is a slow!). Each couple shares at least one reference song: first look, first kiss... first dance! Emotion guaranteed! Some effective classics: Ma préférence (Julien Clerc), The wonderfull World (Louis Amstrong), Still Loving you (Scorpions) etc.

  • The staggered or crazy opening

Opening the ball in a quirky or crazy way is becoming more and more fashionable. You can start with a waltz or a slow dance, then continue with a personalized and rhythmic choreography. Here the goal is to surprise and entertain your guests. The main thing is to plan a choreography and simple steps, easy to memorize and which do not require too much preparation ... The watchword is relaxation, simplicity, natural. So you can start with a traditional piece or start straight on a wild music. Have fun and live a beautiful moment of complicity!

Here too Laura Z Organisation will be by your side with advice and many ideas.

A great attention is paid to your outfit for your wedding day, all eyes are on you. Those of your bridesmaids and witnesses are also scrutinized with interest. But should you provide a dress code for all of your guests?

There are many advantages:

Create a harmony with your theme and match the dress style of your guests. Ensure great-looking photos! Cause extra animation and smiles among your loved ones. Some “dress code” ideas: Colour, type of clothing, accessories…

But often the guests prefer to have total freedom in the choice of their outfit.

So dress code or not?

It definitely brings a refined touch to your wedding. It is the sign of a well-orchestrated VIP event, an overflowing originality or a great humour.

We will of course put our address book of designers, stylists, shop made so that your wedding reception is perfect.

You have organized everything in the smallest detail and the party can begin! Everything ... except to clearly indicate to your guests the different places of festivities and their precise geographical location ...

A real disaster! What a stress to realize that the guests aren’t coming, to see that your husband is beset by the calls of the uncles and other grannies lost in the middle of nowhere etc. Not to mention the others who keep calling you on your cell phone that stayed at home because your dress has no pocket… In short, small inconveniences that accumulate and easily avoid themselves by organizing in advance with the help of Laura Z Organisation.

We are also here to remind you of all the little details (explanation and detailed plan) that will make your wedding a stress-free moment. But above all you can indicate our telephone number on your Announcement so that your guests can call us in case of problems and therefore leave you all to the joy of your preparations.