Our expertise

Our expertise

Laura Z organization the insurance of working with luxury experts

Event Planner Paris

→ Understand your expectations
→ Imagine a project
→ Build the event of your dreams

Budget and planning

→ Build the corresponding budget
→ Respect your financial constraints
→ Plan the coming months

Places of receptions

→ Thousands of places in France and abroad
→ Custom search in our files
→ Signature of the place

Installation of ephemeral structures

→ Setting up crystal tents
→ Or ephemeral orangeries
→ Wherever you want

Transportation for you and your guests

→ Helicopter transfers
→ Luxury or sports cars
→ Carriage or hot air balloon

Caterer or chef

→ French gastronomy
→ Or international
→ Chef at home

Styling & Beauty

→ The best stylists
→ Internationally renowned hairdressers
→ Talented makeup artists

Floral Decoration

→ Renowned designer florists
→ High-end tailor-made creations
→   Chic, raffinement et élégance

DJ/ Orchestre / Animations artistiques

→ High-tech sound and light equipment
→ Talented artists
→ Surprising and amazing animations


→ International photographers
→ Films made with cinema quality
→ High-end editing and music


Feux d'artifice / Spectacles pyrotechniques

→ Light up the sky of your wedding
→ Make your love sparkle
→ Amaze your guests

Fulfill all your dreams

→ Together we will fulfill all your dreams
→ …
→ …