Our pleasure your happiness

Our pleasure your happiness

« Trust takes root in honesty,
sincerity and frankness »


The organization of your event by professionals, without any worry or stress for you. Only pleasure.

Say YES to a Single tailor-made service
We listen to you and build together the wedding of your dreams knowing that no decision will be made without your agreement.

Say YES to Expert advice
Recognized know-how, acquired over the years in the organization, design and coordination of receptions.

Say YES to a large Address Book
Selection of the best talented and creative providers in chic and refinement, corresponding to your expectations and this throughout France and abroad.

Say YES to Transparency
Clear and precise fees, a signed contract, providers paid directly by you.

YES to our Availability
A team at your disposal for a high-end service.

Say YES to Trust
A collaboration based on trust and frankness where you have all the information and quotes.