Your Monogram

Your Monogram

With your initials we create for you an unique and tailor-made monogram for your wedding

Your commitment must be in your image in order to make this day an unforgettable and unique moment, we create for you the logo of your couple, the monogram of your wedding.
We work with talented graphic designers, one of whom trained in the renowned Gobelins school in Paris.

This monogram will allow you to personalize your wedding, from the invitation, to the invited gifts, to the wax seal through the photocall, the wedding cake, the dance floor and the projection on screen leds.

It is a chic and elegant element that will bring an original and refined final touch.
You can reuse it on many occasions like a birth, a baptism or even a birthday it will be the emblem of your family as in the time of kings.


You must first look for inspiration and identify your desires.

Don't hesitate to go online to find and select ideas that suit you.

We will exchange on the different typographies, various themes, symbols and design in order to know what you really like.

The graphic designer will then draw inspiration from your wishes in order to think, imagine and create YOUR monogram in your image.

You will have the choice between 3 different personalized creative proposals and you will choose the one you prefer.

The selected logo is then reworked according to your indications (colors, thickness of the lines, details to be added ...) but the overall shape remains the same.

When it suits you completely it will be formatted to be transmitted to all the service providers concerned: printer, pastry chef, florist, etc.


The creation and modification period is 6 weeks.

The price base is 1400 € VAT including the 3 creative proposals tailor-made and according to your tastes, the modification of your logo according to your indications as well as the delivery of the final logo in different formats.

« We are a team passionate about their profession and who are fully involved in the tailor-made organization of all your events so that you, your families and friends can fully enjoy these wonderful moments. »